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Floral Workshop


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Creative Floral Workshop at The Grounds

If you have ever strolled through the floral installations at The Grounds and wondered how it all came together, then our Creative Floral Arrangement Workshop is for you.  

Designed specifically for each one of our flower-lovers; we offer short courses, intensive masterclasses, bonding seminars and relaxed sessions for special events.

Our short floral workshop courses invite participants to be inspired by the beautiful spaces at The Grounds and take some of that magic away with them.  Learn how to construct a botanically diverse terrarium, a clustered and lush vase arrangement or a centrepiece for that table at home.  

At our flower arrangement workshop you will learn techniques from the professionals at The Grounds Florals By Silva such as composition, building colour palettes, blending texture and conditioning and construction.  The perfect courses for guests looking to hone their skills in one particular area; you’ll leave with your creative juices flowing.


Hands-on Learning With The Expert

Our intensive masterclasses are a thing to behold and designed for those who take their love of floral to the next level.  Spending your time exclusively with Silva; you’ll learn all the tips and tricks of the trade from one of the most photographed floral designers in the country.  With a schedule completely customised to your skill set and wish list - Silva will walk you through techniques for construction of hanging installations, fixed florals, centrepieces, table stylisation, backdrops and hand-tied pieces.  

You can choose to visit the flower market and growers with Silva and learn all about the industry from the ground up; as well as the aesthetic and visual selections behind the scenes which make The Grounds Florals by Silva the social media juggernaut it is.  This is truly a special experience for anyone looking to dive into fine floristry, head first.

Flower Arrangement Workshop


Our seminars and fun-filled creative sessions are an interactive, energetic escape for our corporate partners who want their employees engaged and hands-on when it comes to team bonding.  Get your team members up and moving with a creative flower arrangement workshop - whether they’re making a terrarium or a bouquet.  The team that flowers together - stays together!

If you’re planning a special event for a Baby Shower, Hens’ or Birthday party and looking to add an element of fun to the lineup - then a creative floral workshop is the perfect activity.  Drawing all your guests together to work on a common project or an individual construction is the perfect way to make memories on that special day.

If you’re interested in extending your skills, expanding your horizons; or just wondering how it all gets done here at The Grounds - don’t hesitate to get in touch for our next round of creative floral arrangement workshops.

Floral Workshop

Floral Arrangement Workshop

Flower Arrangment Workshops in Alexandria



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