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In-House Events at The Grounds of Alexandria

Attention to Detail, Devotion to Style

On any given day at The Grounds, you will find devoted team members of The Grounds Florals moving through the lavish and authentic event spaces, creating magic.  The crew moves expertly through laneways, under awnings and between potted specimens to deliver some of the most beautiful and coveted installations and displays.  This Sydney hot-spot is like a village, and they are the villagers.
You won’t see them most of the time – because the crew works around the clock to floral event spaces like The Linseed House, The Eveleigh, The Café, The Garden, The Arbour, The Patio, The Potting Shed and The Atrium.  You definitely will see the fruits of their labour, though – dried specimens, hanging preserved blooms, beautiful vessels filled with intricate materials and lush florals.  Their work fills every nook and cranny and invades your senses both consciously and subconsciously – from amazing Café lunches, to stunning Potting Shed dinners, right down to washing your hands in The Stables. The attention to detail is arresting, and you’ll find yourself pointing more than once.


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Flowers For Events at The Grounds

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It is this attention to detail, devotion to style and love of adventure which makes the in-house floral styling for all occasions truly magnificent.  

It takes some creative high-flyers to build a mecca like The Grounds, and the floral crew are thrilled to be a small part of that huge team. Working collaboratively with and taking inspiration from creative development at The Grounds, they have refined what floral style means. They have built a loyal following for their brand of fresh, lush, abundant and unstructured beauty.

Guests at The Grounds return like family members – always waiting to see what will pop up next.  A whole host of seasonal and ever-changing activations has meant Silva and her team are reacting and responding to current trends and innovations when it comes to floral styling.  The Grounds spaces flourish and grow like any garden, and the team members are constantly brainstorming to come up with new ways to floral up that beam, column or corner.  Whether you’re celebrating your nuptials, showering a baby or launching your brand – Silva and her team can take care of all your in-house floral styling needs.

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